Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Make: Reusable Swiffer Cover

I like my Swiffer Sweep as much as the next person, but I hate burning through so many disposable covers. Not only do they generate more waste, the cost adds up too! So I immediately jumped on board when I came across a picture on Pinterest of a reusable cover. This is, of course, in tandem with my decision to start making more of my household cleaners. I briefly looked for instructions (without any luck) but quickly decided that I could wing it on my own.

Reasons you should make this:
  • This is a very fast DIY undertaking. Start to finish, the quickest sewing project I've done.
  • Dual purpose: you can use it to sweep or mop (using a batch of homemade All-Purpose Cleaner!).
  • It will save you money.
  • It works! I've been using this for a month and it gets the job done.

Tip: take a few extra minutes to make a few of these covers, so you don't have to rush to do laundry in between floor-cleaning sessions.

Materials Needed:
Fleece, 6" x 17" (for a standard-size Swiffer Sweeper)
Sewing machine

Begin by cutting the fleece into 3 pieces:
A: 6" x 10.5"
B: 6" x 3"
C: 6" x 3"

The large rectangle will be the base/bottom of the cover. Take one of the smaller pieces and line it up with the sides/corners of the base. Pin into place.

Repeat this with the remaining piece, lining it up with the opposite end of the base.

Disregard the excess fabric on the edge of my cover; I was still figuring out how large to make each piece.
Also, you do not need to whip out the sweeper for measuring/fitting, as I did.

Now you just sew along the outer edges, making little pockets on each end. It should have be loose fit in order to easily get the cover on/off of the Swiffer.

Seeing it in action!

I hope you will give this reusable Swiffer cover a try. I've been very pleased with the results and suspect you will be too!


  1. Can I place an order for some of these? I would also like mine to be mongrammed, too. This is an awesome idea! You should go into business selling these since most people a) dont have a sewing machine or b) do not have the ability to sew by hand and c) are too lazy to learn. I'm telling you- million $ idea.

  2. So Megan...are you going into business?! :)