Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Make: Sweatshirt Refashion!

Cute + Comfortable. These are my two goals in fashion. I spend most of my work days accomplishing the first, but generally not the second. So as soon as I get home I want to ditch the dress pants and fancy-lady shoes for my ripped jeans and moccasin slippers. To top it off? More often than not, an oversized hoodie sweatshirt. This moves me closer to my second goal (comfortable) yet further from the first (cute). Surely there is some way to achieve both!

My sweatshirt collection was huge and dated all the way back to my Freshman year of high school.
 I recently came to terms with the fact that I do not need a dozen hoodies taking up limited (and therefore precious) closet space. Thus I resolved to get rid of several, keep a few in tact, and try my hand at refashioning. Overall, I was successful in these endeavors. I have reclaimed some closet space and ended up with some cute redone tops.

Shawl-Neck Sweater

I am so proud of this project! It was inspired by a picture I came across online and wanted to recreate. I had my doubts that it would work, since I basically drew a sketch and started cutting away at the material. Considering that I was working with the limitations of an already-made top, I think I did a fine job turning an oversized, appliqued hoodie into a cute shawl-neck sweater!

Despite my desire to recreate the inspiring photo (left),
I just couldn't bring myself to hold my hands in such an awkwardly unnatural way.
Instead, I settled with cropping off the top 3/4 of my face.

You will need:
Coordinating thread
Sewing Machine

Begin by removing the front pocket. Doing this actually required me to take off the entire band around the bottom of the sweatshirt (which I later re-attached). Also remove any unwanted embroidery with a seam ripper or small shears; if your sweatshirt has screen printing--sorry, that is not going anywhere.

I think the rest is easier to explain/understand with visual representation.

Note: I folded under the raw edge (of the little flap) for a cleaner look but this step is not necessary since the material won't fray.

If your sweatshirt already fits then you are done! If yours (like mine) is too big, then do the following:

Turn the shirt inside out and lay flat. Take a shirt that does fit (preferably another sweatshirt) and lay it on top. Line up the shoulder seams and mark where to take in the sleeves and/or sides. Also pin along this marked line. Sew along the marked lines and cut away the excess material. Turn it right-side out, try it on, then make any needed adjustments.

Ah, American Eagle! I told you my entire sweatshirt collection dates back to high school.

Now you are good to go! Get ready to be cute and comfortable!

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