Friday, April 05, 2013

Make: Baby Shoes & Headband!

My friend Sarah is getting ready to have her first baby, which is exciting for a great number of reasons--the least of which is that I've gotten to make her a handful of cute baby crafts! The toughest part was narrowing down my long list of options. These oh-so-adorable shoes and headband were too sweet to skip!

 The best part? Both projects were super simple!

Felt Slippers

You can find several slightly different patterns online. I selected one by Martha Stewart found here. I had to print it out a few times while fine-tuning the scale. You want the sole to be roughly 3 inches long.

Then you use the stencil to draw and cut out both shapes on felt fabric.  Pin the top of the shoe (marked "upper" on the template) to the sole. Now slowly sew the pieces together. Don't worry if your seam is not completely straight!

Turn it inside out and voila! A baby shoe. Now you can decide what to do with the strap. I opted to sew a tiny button on one strap and carefully cut a short slit on the other strap. Other ideas include ribbon ties (short pieces sewn on each strap) or a small length of elastic (<1") permanently connecting the straps.

We've arrived at the best part: decorating! Flowers and bows are always fun, but I wanted something less common. I stacked two circles in contrasting colors then secured them onto the shoe with a white button.

Repeat for the second shoe.

Circle Headband

Once the shoes were finished, the headband pretty much designed itself. I sewed together 12 inches of narrow elastic and continued the circle-stack motif in a line of three along the elastic. I made sure to cover the elastic seam with one of the circles. To clean up the back of the headband (and hopefully make it more comfortable for baby), I glued a thin strip of white felt along the back sides of the circles (sandwiching the elastic).

Here is a quick overview of headband sizes for babies:
  • Newborn: 12 inches
  • 3-6 months: 13 inches
  • 6-12 months: 14 inches
  • 18-24 months: 16 inches

My only regret with this project is that both are sized for a brand spankin' new baby. She won't get to rock them for very long!



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