Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Backstory...

Prior to six months ago, I never cooked. This is hyperbole, but barely so. The word “scared” is a fairly accurate adjective to describe my previous relationship with cooking (though not baking, oddly enough). Exploration of this fear would require plumbing depths so deep and unnecessary that we should simply accept my former state without any qualification. Then a few things happened that changed everything.

First, I grew up. Entrance into adulthood also means an exit from the ever-ready supply of meals found in dorms and homesteads. Suddenly every evening presented meal-preparation like a complex math problem when I could barely manage addition on my cell phone calculator. However, I am a smart little girl who married a man who is not only a willing cook, but a wonderful one. Although I felt pangs of guilt at my utter lack of domesticity, I would have probably been content to let my husband make delicious stir fry and pasta for the rest of my life. But our circumstances changed yet again...

Before I knew it, I was done with grad school, underemployed, and overly bored. It just didn't seem fair for Matt (that’s my husband, by the way) to work all day and come home to a hungry companion waiting for dinner. Not that he ever complained--he's quite the trooper. So with his loving encouragement (remember I was scared!) I began to cook. I don’t mean warming up a sodium-laden bag of frozen food. No, I began looking at cookbooks (all of which were wedding presents), going to the grocery store, and really making meals. Most of these early adventures were riddled with frustration and countless Google searches of culinary terms. Then in a turn of events that were oh so similar to that of a romantic comedy, I gradually found myself falling in love. With cooking.

But alas! Shortly after discovering this new realm of enjoyment, I started a full time job with normal business hours. Gone were the mornings spent browsing recipes, followed by leisurely trips to the store with all the time in the world. Although I am becoming the queen of slow cookers, I miss my elaborate culinary adventures. So I am devoting every Sunday to such an endeavor.

What should you expect from this blog? A collection of unique recipes* peppered with photography and commentary. What do I expect from this blog? Not grandeur or even wide readership. I think this will be a fun way to stay motivated and share tasty meals. So if you care to, please join me every Sunday for the dish!

*Note: As I am still quite a novice, all of the recipes found here are borrowed from a wide variety of resources (always properly cited!).

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