Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Make: Ribbon Burp Cloths

"So...this is for a baby to throw up on?" was the question my husband asked while I made these adorable burp cloths for a pregnant friend. His inquiry was understandable. I suppose the only explanation is that babies are cute and (gosh darnit!) everything they have might as well be cute too. Have you seen cloth diapers lately? Positively darling yet they have a not-so-pleasant purpose! I made a batch of these ribbon burp cloths a while back (for the same pal that received these baby shoes and headband) and found them to be a breeze! Embellished burp cloths are a great DIY gift for your next baby shower, especially if you are short on time and/or a beginner sewer.

Ribbon Burp Cloths

Supplies Needed:
Prefold cloth diaper (or a plain burp cloth)
The usual gear: sewing machine, pins, sheers, coordinating thread, iron

Measure the length of your burp cloths and add 1-inch to that measurement. Cut two ribbon pieces by that length.

Simply fold the raw ends of the ribbon down 1/2-inch and iron to keep folded (I used my hair straightener because it is a bit easier to get the fold exactly where you want it).

Lay the ribbon down on the burp cloth and pin into place. Repeat for the other ribbon.

Using a straight seam, sew along all of the edges of the ribbons.

Optional: I had a bit of ribbon leftover so I tied some sweet little bows and sewed them onto the burp cloths too.

And that's it! I look forward to more of my friends having babies so I can make more of these adorable burp cloths! Even if they are for a less-than-cute purpose.

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