Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Go: 3 trips, 2 weeks, 1 post

The past two weeks have. been. crazy.

I will grant that Matthew and I tend to overbook ourselves on a regular basis, but we're always busy at home. Not the case this time! We were extended a few different travel opportunities that all jutted up against each other. With summer's end quickly approaching, we thought "why not!?" and decided to finish the season with a bang.

Things got started in mid-August when Matt went on his very first business trip; he attended a conference in downtown Atlanta. It was quite exciting as we are young tenderfoots who had not yet enjoyed the pleasure of eating dinner on company dime. It was also fairly significant since his employer rarely sends newer employees to conferences. It certainly warranted a photo to mark the occasion!

Looking good, even at 5am. I, on the other hand, needed to stay behind the camera.

Leaving on a jet plane...
I'm sorry to report that I was not able to join Matt, since I only have so much annual leave up my sleeve. I spent the week working, cleaning, baking, and watching PBS. The morning after he returned, we headed out to Lake Michigan. It is the usual vacation spot of Matt's father, who invites us every year to join him. The past few, we have both been in new jobs without enough vacation time stored up. This go around we were able and willing.

After 10+ hours, a freezing Megabus ride, a Chicago layover (complete with Intelligentsia Coffee) , and a lovely little train ride, we made it to our destination. We spent our days walking the beach and roaming adorable/expensive towns. One of the highlights for me was the small city of Holland. It boasts one of the most beautiful public libraries I have ever seen! Between the library and the scenic surroundings, I was positively smitten! Also noteworthy: the train we took home was HUGE. I honestly could not reach the seat in front of me, even with my tippy toes outstretched! It also featured an observation deck that made us feel like swanky, futuristic travelers. It turned me into a bit of a train snob.

Traveling in style!
How to look less attractive in a photo: squint.

Now, tell me this doesn't make you smirk!

We enjoyed one of these beauties every night.

A quiet morning outside of our cabin.

The Holland Public Library. Impressive, no?

The last sunset of our trip.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we followed up this adventure with a Labor Day long weekend visit with Matt's sister in Kansas City. I played Monopoly with the kiddos, discovered that How to Train Your Dragon is actually a pretty good movie, picked fresh fruit, ate the most delicious curried apple turkey melt, and explored Powell Gardens.



We made a new friend: Chester, the Gardens' stray rescue cat.

Powell Gardens has a beautiful chapel on its grounds; this is the ceiling.

Another interior shot of the chapel.

The kids cooling off after a long day in this Missouri heat.

While wandering, Matt and I came upon these plastic, life-sized horses. I wish we could have gotten a picture of me climbing atop this was not my most graceful moment. I still don't think we were supposed to sit on them, as they weren't bolted to the ground or weighted. Oh well!

Needless to say, we are exhausted! I'm happy to be home and ready for September, my favorite month! We've decided to go into stealth mode for the next few weeks. This may be difficult, since I already have a full docket: 3-5 birthday celebrations (including some for me!), a wedding, the Great Balloon Race, our anniversary trip, breakfasts/brunches/dinners with friends, a retirement party, and a new bible study. Bring on the fun!

Stay tuned for some fantastic recipes! I have three words for you: chocolate, coffee, Kahlua.


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  1. I love your Powell Garden photos: chapel, lily pads, and my little guy inside a circle. It was fun to read your thoughts on your travels. Enjoy your next!